50 new jobs welcome but Government fails to act on job losses

July 14th, 2008 - Pat Breen

Fine Gael’s Pat Breen TD, Clare, today (Monday) welcomed 50 new jobs in the Shannon Region, but said they are being overshadowed by 586 job losses since June 2007.  The 50 new jobs were announced today at the launch of Shannon Development’s 2007 Annual Report.   35 new jobs will be created at Mentor Graphics Ltd with 15 new jobs being created at PAFS Ireland Ltd.

“Shannon Development has completed a master plan for the regeneration of the Shannon Free Zone, which is almost completed. The Government should support these efforts and put a strategy in place to deal with the Region’s declining competitiveness and attract new foreign direct investment.

“It is also essential that a new airline is encouraged to replace the Shannon/Heathrow route which has been axed by Aer Lingus. There is deafening silence from the Government on the challenges facing this region. It must bear a burden or responsibility for allowing the Aer Lingus pull-out. Access to markets is a serious cause for concern.

“The extension of the US Customs and Border Protection facility must be put in place as soon as possible.

“In light of Government cutbacks, it is necessary to secure the Regional Tourism Budget for this area and ensure commitments to develop road and rail infrastructure in the Region under Transport 21 are not delayed.

“Despite promises on the expansion of Next Generation Broadband, there has been nothing definite from the Government on when this will be rolled-out in the Shannon area.”