Ballynacally National School to benefit under Phase II of the Prefab Replacement Scheme – BREEN.

June 10th, 2013 - Pat Breen

Clare T.D. and Chairman of the Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade Pat Breen has welcomed the news that Ballynacally National School has been included under phase II of the Prefab Replacement Scheme, an initiative to replace prefabs in Schools with permanent classrooms, which was announced this morning by the Education and Skills Minister Ruairi Quinn T.D.

“€15 million has been allocated this year to replace prefabs and provided permanent resource rooms and classrooms for some 2,650 students nationally. I am pleased that Ballynacally National School has been included in the list of 46 schools where 155 prefab units, which will be offered grants to provide the new facilities.

This Government inherited a legacy of rented prefabs throughout the County and this funding will be used to replace these prefabs that are used to provide resource rooms and classroom accommodation for the pupils. We are delivering on our Programme for Government committed to reduce reliance on rented prefabs in our Schools and by replacing these prefabs with permanent facilities we will be saving approximately €5 million annually in the coming years.

Last year we provided funding to replace 458 prefab units. In March 2012 when the first prefab replacement scheme was announced, a total of 1,543 prefabs were being rented in 591 schools. When these two prefab replacement initiatives are completed, we expect to have reduced the number of rented prefabs by 570 which equates to a 37% reduction in the number of prefabs in our schools over just 2 years.

By investing in replacing prefab replacement we are also creating a number of direct and indirect jobs locally.

The prefab replacement scheme an important initiative which will provide the pupils and teachers of Ballynacally National School with a modern, high quality accommodation to learn and work in.


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