Breen appointed Chairman of Dail Sub-Committee on Overseas Development.

November 25th, 2010 - Pat Breen

p1030179Fine Gael Leader Enda Kenny has appointed Clare TD Pat Breen to the position of Chairman of the Dail’s Sub-committee on Overseas Development. The Overseas Development Committee is a sub-committee of the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs which Deputy Breen will now also serve on.

Speaking following his appointment Deputy Breen said that “I am honoured to have been appointed to this role. I have a particularly keen interest in overseas aid development and I have always been very conscious of the excellent work which is done by Irish Missionaries abroad, particularly given the fact that St Ethel Normoyle and Fr Martin Keane are from my own Parish.”

“Sr Ethel works in Port Elizabeth in South Africa which is plagued with disease and malnutrition with 70% of the population suffering from HIV/Aids including Children. In Kenya, where Fr Martin works twenty per cent of Kenya children below five years of age are underweight, 31 per cent of the overall population is undernourished and the infant mortality rate is 70 per 1,000 live births.”

As one of his first duties Deputy Breen met with Brendan Rodgers, Director of Irish Aid, who gave him a very detailed briefing on the Irish Aid programmes throughout the world. Irish Aid Workers are the leaders in overseas development and their contributed is recognised all over the world.

“As Chairman of the Dail’s Overseas Aid Development, I intend to be a strong advocate for Irish Aid Agencies and workers and to give a strong voice to those who are suffering from hunger deprivation and human rights violations all over the world.”