Breen calls for the appointment of former President Mary McAleese in Vatican Bridge Building Role

January 31st, 2012 - Pat Breen

With the Fine Gael Parliamentary Party set to discuss the closure of the Irish Embassy in the Vatican at their Weekly Meeting on Wednesday night, the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs & Trade Committee Pat Breen T.D. has called for the appointment of former President Mary McAleese in a bridge building role in the interim until such time as it becomes viable to reopen the Embassy.

“It makes perfectly good sense, as President, Mary McAleese was a great ambassador for this Country and I see no reason why she could not work in a supporting role with David Cooney, the Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs.”

“David Cooney is based here and has already travelled twice in recent months to Rome and he has attended Archbishop Brown’s ordination as Ireland’s new Papal Nuncio.

“However, I understand that Mrs McAleese will be studying law in Italy over the next two years and she would be ideally located to become a special representative to deal with the Vatican.”

“I believe that this would be an ideal situation for Ireland, given that the embassy was closed for financial reasons and it is unlikely that it will be re-opened in the short-term.”

“I have spoken to several constituents who were very disappointed at the closure of our Embassy in the Vatican particularly given that Ireland is now