Breen discusses future of Roche Clarecastle Plant with Enterprise Minister.

May 8th, 2012 - Pat Breen

Following the disappointing news that the clinical trials for the daletrapib drug which was being carried out at Roche Ireland’s Plant in Clarecastle, has failed to demonstrate any additional benefit for patients who present with Cholesterol problems, compared to the drug currently available on the market to treat the problem, Chairman of the Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs & Trade & Clare T.D. Pat Breen has discussed the possible implications of this development for the staff and management employed at the Clarecastle Plant.

“I was very disappointed to hear the news that the clinical trials for the daletrapib drug has ceased at Roche Ireland’s plant in Clarecastle. I understand that the drug failed to demonstrate any tangible benefit for cholesterol patients compared to the drugs already on the market, despite the fact that it had passed the safety test which is undertaken for any new pharmaceutical product.”

“Roche Irl in Clarecastle is a significant contributor to the local economy employing up to 320 workers at any one time, including up to 100 Contract workers. The Plant is involved in Drug Substance Production and is the no 1 Irish Suppliers of medicines for cancer and Ural diseases. 50 per cent of all Roche employees in Ireland are Third Level Graduates and I understand that quite a number of the staff employed at the Clarecastle plant to trial this drug are Design Engineers. If this trial had been successful it could have potentially led to further job creation, however, at this stage, it is hard to know what the implications are now for the staff employed there.”

“Roche is also involved in producing other Drugs such as Xenical, Xeloda and Invirase and CellCept a drug which is to prevent the rejection of Heart/Kidney/Heart transplants. Given the cessation of production of this Daletrapib, I believe that it would be helpful if the Company could clarify the implications that this spare capacity at the Clarecastle Plant may have for their workers at the earliest opportunity.”

“I have discussed my concerns with the Minister for Enterprise, Richard Bruton T.D. and he has assured me that the Government and its Agency will provide every assistance to Roche Clarecastle to assist it through this difficult time”.