Breen urges Irish Government to offer treatment to injured Palestinians

August 8th, 2014 - Pat Breen

Fine Gael Clare TD and Chairman of the Oireachtas Foreign Affairs Committee, Pat Breen, has urged the Government to consider accepting a number of Palestinian citizens, who have been badly injured in the recent unrest in Gaza, for treatment in Irish hospitals.

“I have spoken to the Palestinian Ambassador to Ireland about this matter. I understand that an application will be made for Ireland to accept approximately ten Palestinians, who have been seriously injured in the recent violence.

“I will be urging the Government to accept these Palestinians for treatment in Irish hospitals on humanitarian grounds. The Palestinian authorities intend to ask the EU to accept up to 1,800 injured citizens, as they do not have the capacity to treat all the injured themselves. Ireland will be asked to accept a tiny number of these citizens.

“It’s estimated that more than 9,000 Palestinians have been injured; almost 3,000 of them are children. The huge damage caused to infrastructure in the Gaza strip means the ability of local authorities to care for the injured is severely compromised.

“Without adequate hospital treatment for the injured, it is feared that the death toll will rise.

“I intend to raise this matter with both the Minister for Health and the Minister for Foreign Affairs in the coming days. I feel strongly that Ireland should assist where possible in treating injured Palestinians.”