Breen urges Minister to review closure of Ennis Civil Service Creche

June 16th, 2008 - Pat Breen

Fine Gael’s Deputy Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Clare T.D. Pat Breen said today that he is demanding that the Minister for Finance Brian Lenihan T.D. review the decision to close the civil service crèche in Ennis.

“The manner in which this decision was communicated to the parents and staff of the Civil Service Creche is appalling. The parents of the 47 children are now faced with the huge headache of trying to find alternative childcare in a two week time frame which is not good enough. Neither is it good enough that the 16 staff currently employed at the crèche should be informed of their impending redundancy in such a fashion. When parents and staff arrived at the crèche on Friday morning they were handed a notice advising of the closure. A Government Agency should be leading by example instead of operating in this manner.”

“I met with the parents and staff at the crèche on Friday afternoon and they are quite happy to continue with the current arrangement until an alternative operator is put in place in October. A temporary service is in place which is working to everybody’s satisfaction. This operator is willing to continue until October and Minister Lenihan must intervene, review this decision, revoke the closure and leave the current temporary operator in place until the permanent licence is granted”.