Breen welcomes ban on Head Shop Products and hopes that today’s developments will lead to the closure of the Head Shop in Ennis.

May 17th, 2010 - Pat Breen

I welcome the news today that the Minister for Health and Children Mary Harney has finally acted to ban a list of dangerous substances which were on sale in Head Shops. I am glad that Minister Harney has finally bowed to public pressure and banned these substances after weeks of public peaceful protests by concerned people including teachers and parents”.

“Today’s ban means that it is now illegal to buy or sell Mephedrone, known as Snow or Blow, spice products and products such as mimic cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy. There possession and supply are now illegal and I hope that this will result in the closure of Clare’s only Head Shop which is located in Ennis.”

“It is important now that the Minister takes the next step and introduces a system of regular monitoring of new products which may now be developed following this ban. We must legislate so that no substance for human consumption should be sold across any counter unless it has been approved by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland or the Irish Medicine Board.”

“The Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern published the main details of the New Criminal Law, which makes it illegal to sell hallucinogenic products. However, there are many questions which need to be addressed? Will the Gardai be given extra manpower to inspect head shops on a regular basis and the arrest those who are found to be in position of illegal drugs and who is going to ensure that head shops are in compliance with this new legislation.”

“Ministers Dermot Ahern, Mary Harney and Pat Carey must work together to ensure that the threat posed to our young people by the sale of products in Head Shops is finally brought to and end.”