Breen welcomes Eir commitment to High Speed Broadband Services

May 4th, 2016 - Pat Breen

Clare Deputy Pat Breen has welcomed the commitment from Eir to provide High Speed Broadband Services in Quin.

Deputy Breen made representations to Eir to fasttrack their broadband services to the Village given the problems that the lack of an adequate broad service was having for the local community.

“I was pleased to receive confirmation from Eir today (Wednesday) that the core fibre has been complete for Quin and that the main site build has now has now finished. Eir are now working to finalise all works and they have advised that the site is due to be commissioned in the next 14 -20 days.

“As part of the rollout, I understand that they follow an agreed regulatory process to notify industry 28 days in advance of the services going live in any particular community. Including this notification period, they remain hopeful that high speed broadband services will be available in Quin from end of June, if not earlier.

“The way forward is to have an adequate broadband service available in all areas. If an auctioneer is asked about a house, the first thing that the potential purchaser will ask to know is there broadband. If there isn’t, they are put off by that.

“Broadband is hugely important because with it people can work from home, students can return home from College at weekends and there is also knock-on benefits for local businesses.

“This is very good news for the community of Quin. High speed broadband is no longer a luxury but a necessity and I hope that universal access to broadband is fully delivered as soon as possible.”