Breen welcomes funding allocation for Pedestrian Crossing at Clareabbey and additional signage and delineation measures to be put in place at the Tulla Road Interchange onto the Ennis Bypass.

February 11th, 2010 - Pat Breen

Fine Gael’s Deputy Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Clare. T.D. Pat Breen has welcomed the news that €100,000 has been allocated for the construction of a Pedestrian Crossing at the Clareabbey Roundabout. Deputy Breen has also received confirmation from Michael Egan, Head of Corporate Affairs, at the National Roads Authority that following a recent review of the signage and delineation measures in the vicinity of the Tulla Road interchange on the N18 Ennis to Limerick Motorway that additional safety measures are to be put in place shortly.

“I welcome the news that a Zebra Crossing is to be built at the Clareabbey Roundabout. I have been actively campaigning for this Pedestrian Crossing for quite a considerable period of time. A number of residents along the Limerick Road and Clarecastle Area had been in contact with me in relation to his matter. This is a very dangerous location and it poses a safety threat for people as they attempt to cross at a very busy junction.”

“Early, last year, I was informed by Tom Tiernan, Senior Engineer, Ennis Town Council that an agreement had been reached between the Council and the NRA for the provision of a pedestrian crossing at this junction. I was concerned, however, that it may fall victim to budgetary cutbacks. Prior to the Christmas Break, I had a meeting with Michael Egan, Head of Corporate Affairs and Professional Development, NRA, at which, I raised this issue again together with a number of other concerns which I had in the Ennis Area.”

“On the 15th January 2010 last, he confirmed in writing to me that following the case which I put forward for funding for pedestrian facilities at Clareabbey, that the matter would be considered in the “context of the Authority’s determination of national road grant allocations” for 2010. I am delighted that this funding has now been allocated and I hope that construction will commence as soon as possible.”

“At that same meeting with Michael Egan, NRA, I also highlighted my concerns regarding the Tulla Road Interchange on the Ennis Bypass. I was very anxious that a review of the signage and safety measures would be undertaken following the tragic death of a West Woman late last year. Michael Egan did point out that at the time that the Bypass was reclassified as a motorway, that certain improvements were put in place, which included the installation of orange traffic delineators along the centre line of the approach roads to the motorway, the erection of a “keep left bollard” and also additional directional markings on the road surface. However, following my conversation with him, he promised to undertake a review of this Interchange. He has now informed me that this review has been completed and it “identified some further signage and delineation measures in the vicinity of the interchange”, and he has assured me that these enhancements will be put in place shortly.”