City Jet to expand Services from Shannon Airport

July 11th, 2008 - Pat Breen

Fine Gael’s Deputy Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Clare T.D. has today welcomed the news that City Jet are to base a Avro 100 seater overnight in Shannon from October of this year. The CEO Geoffrey O’Byrne-White has also indicated that a London-City Service from Shannon could be on the cards when he said that this route was under active consideration and that his initial research in to the feasibility of such a route was positive.

Geoffrey O’Byrne-White, CEO, City Jet was appearing before today’s meeting of the Dail’s Transport Committee.

“This is very positive news from City Jet. Following the fall-out from the departure of Aer Lingus, City Jet filled the breach in terms of improving connectivity to and from Shannon to one of Europeans biggest hubs Paris CDG. While the current service is very successful the times of operation make it very difficult for the business traveller for same day onward connections. Basing an aircraft overnight will facilitate an early morning departure and improve the options for the business traveller and connectivity to the region”.

“Of course there is also the potential for further growth on this route if the demand for the service continues to grow there is the possibility of increased frequency.”

When questioned by Deputy Breen on his future plans for Shannon and if they included the setting up of a London-City Service, Geoffrey O’Byrne-White, CEO, City Jet advised that initial research into the feasibility of such a service was positive and that this matter was under active consideration.  Deputy Breen said that this “shows that City Jet are committed to Shannon and to extending their services to and from Shannon”. 

“This was a very positive meeting with City Jet at a time when the airline industry in general is under pressure. At today’s meeting Geoffrey O’Byrne-White highlighted the importance of “developing a major western gateway to compete effectively with Dublin” and also highlighted the potential for marketing business from Europe to the Region. It is important therefore that efforts are refocused on marketing these routes and supporting efforts by City Jet and I hope that in the current climate of cutbacks that there will be no cutbacks in marketing funds to the West of Ireland”.