Congo will become another Rwanda without immediate international action – Breen

October 31st, 2008 - Pat Breen

Fine Gael Human Rights Spokesman, Pat Breen TD said today (Friday) there is a very real danger of the DR Congo becoming ‘another Rwanda’ unless strong and immediate international action is taken to address the mounting humanitarian and security catastrophe.


“The world cannot stand idly by and allow the Congo become another Rwanda.


“The Red Cross has already described the situation as a humanitarian catastrophe and the similarities between the Congo in 2008 and Rwanda in 1994 are alarming with Hutus and Tutsis lining up on opposite sides of the conflict. Already 250,000 people have been displaced and aid agencies are reporting life-threatening situations emerging with many displaced peoples being without food and water.


“While the ceasefire that was called on Wednesday in the city of Goma is holding, further international action is needed. I back the UN Secretary-General’s call for a full ceasefire and believe international diplomatic efforts must be intensified. I also want the EU and the UN to consider further military action. There must be serious consideration given to expanding MONUC – the current UN mission in the area.


“Fourteen years ago, the world watched while Congo’s neighbour Rwanda descended into what can only be described as hell. This must not be allowed happen again.”