Fine Gael’s Five Point Plan for Recovery

February 21st, 2011 - Pat Breen

Fine Gael’s 5 Point Plan for Recovery l 3

1 Growth and Jobs

NewERA: A €7 Billion Investment in our Future 6
Every Job Counts: Beyond the Smart Economy 7
Race to the Top: An Education System for the 21st Century

2. Fair Deficit Reduction
Protecting Jobs – Protecting the Taxpayer
Sharing the Burden: A Fair and Effective Banking Solution

3. Smaller Better Government
Smaller Government: €5 Billion of Savings
Better Government: An End to Command and Control

4. A New Politics
Abolishing the Seanad – Reforming the Dail
Empowering the Citizen: Real Power to the People

5. Healthcare for All
Radical Reform of the Current Health System (2011–2015)
Universal Health Insurance (2016–2020) 2
Making the Current Health System More Efficient

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