Foreign Affairs Committee to meet Hans Zomer, Director of Dóchas

June 12th, 2013 - Pat Breen

Policy coherence for development and priorities for the post-2015 development framework will be on the agenda of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade today, Wednesday, 12th June 2013 when it meets with Hans Zomer, Director of Dóchas.

Committee Chairman Pat Breen TD said: “There is now an accepted agreement that poverty reduction cannot be achieved by aid alone and that other policies such as trade, agriculture, climate change, migration and security have the potential to have both positive and negative impacts on the poor in developing countries. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that governments consider the actual or potential impact of all their policies on their development objectives. Policy Coherence for Development means working to ensure that the objectives and results of Government’s development policies are not undermined by other Government policies, and that these other policies support development objectives where feasible.

There is growing consensus that Policy Coherence for Development should be at the centre of the post-2015 development agenda for an inclusive and sustainable future. As director of Dóchas, the association of Irish Non-Governmental Development Organisations, we’re looking forward to getting the perspective of Hans Zomer on these issues.”

Before the Committee meets with Hans Zomer, it will meet with the Secretary General of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to consider Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade EU Scrutiny Reports 2012. The meeting will start in Committee Room 1, Leinster House at 2.30pm on Wednesday, 12th June 2013.

Committee proceedings can be followed live at: