Foreign Affairs Committee to review role of Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in economic recovery

June 13th, 2012 - Pat Breen

As part of a study it is carrying out into the role and contribution of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to economic recovery, the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade will meet with officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Mr John Bryan, President of the Irish Farmers’ Association, today, 13thJune .

Committee Chairman, Pat Breen TD said: “The Joint Committee will hold a series of meetings with Departmental officers, representatives of State Agencies, business networks and private sector organisations to gather information on how trade promotion is being coordinated, the Department’s role in that work and how effective that coordination is. The Report will also review the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s high-level strategies in the economic/trade promotion area.”

On 20th June, officials from Enterprise Ireland, Forfás and the IDA will come before the Committee to brief members on trade promotion and the role of the Department of Foreign and Trade in economic recovery. A delegation from the Committee will also visit the United States from June 24th to 30th to meet with US business organisations, individual US businesses, Irish American organisations and networks, as well as Irish officials working for State agencies in the US and Irish Consulate staff to get their perspectives on trade.

Deputy Breen said: “An essential element of the preparation of the Report will be a visit to the United States which is an important trading partner and the source of much of Ireland’s foreign direct investment. Ireland has a long and enduring friendship with the United States and this is reflected in many ways, including in the economic ties between our two countries. There are now around 500 US companies operating in Ireland, including major firms such as Intel, Boston Scientific, Dell, Pfizer/Wyeth, IBM, CITI, Medtronic, Hewlett Packard and Abbott. It is estimated that more than 220 Irish companies are trading in the US. This visit, including meetings with staff at three Consulates, State Agencies, business networks and industry representatives will provide valuable information to supplement the information gathered through the meetings of the Joint Committee.”

This meeting will start today in Committee Room 1, Leinster House at 2.30pm on Wednesday, 13th June.

Committee proceedings can be followed live at: