Full independent investigation needed so that the true circumstances of tragic death can be determined. – Breen

September 12th, 2008 - Pat Breen
Fine Gael Clare Deputy Pat Breen said yesterday (Thursday) said every effort must be made to allay the fears of those who have been treated at Ennis General Hospital, following revelations that X-rays taken at the hospital have been misread and that abnormal blood test results were not acted upon.   

“News of the circumstances of the death of Ann Moriarty, who died just months after being given the all clear from cancer at Ennis General Hospital, are chilling to the core. Reports from Ann’s husband, Karl Henry, that his wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer at Galway having been discharged from Ennis, having undergone various tests and X-rays, will undoubtedly be causing deep concern and anxiety to all who have been treated at Ennis in the past.

“It is imperative that a full independent investigation, similar to that which was carried out following the revelation of misdiagnosis in the Rebecca O’Malley case, is undertaken in Ann’s case without delay. All relevant files must be made available to the investigation so that the true circumstances of her tragic death can be determined.

“While an investigation will not bring back Ann, her husband, Karl, and son, Ciaran, must get some answers to the many questions in this unfortunate case which has forced them to go public.

“The HSE must set about allaying the fears of all patients who have had X-rays at Ennis General Hospital and must put a process in place whereby this can be carried out immediately. Public confidence must be restored that other X-rays taken at Ennis have not also been misread. The only way of doing this, while attempting to give this family the answers they deserve, is for a full independent investigation to be undertaken.

“Karl Henry’s questions raise serious questions which must be answered now.”Ends