Government’s Incompetence adds further distress for families wishing to Adopt from Vietnam – BREEN.

January 19th, 2010 - Pat Breen

Dozens of Irish Families wishing to adopt children from Vietnam will face further heartbreak following the Governments decision to suspend indefinitely negotiations on a new bilateral intercountry adoption agreement with Vietnam”, Fine Gael’s Deputy Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Clare. T.D. Pat Breen said today.

Last week, the Minister for State at the Department of Health and Children with responsibility for Children Barry Andrews. T.D. said his decision to suspend negotiations was taken as a result of the findings and recommendations contained in the report on intercountry adoption commissioned by UNICEF and the Vietnamese Ministry of Justice and carried out by the International Social Services.

Deputy Breen is highly critical of the Government’s handling of this issue, claiming that they have been totally “incompetent”. “Families are distraught at the failure of this Government, to agree a new bilateral agreement with Vietnam, with the previous agreement running out in May of last year. Several of those families are in regular contact with me. In May 2009, the Minister for Children, gave assurances to 20 couples at an advanced stage in the Vietnamese adoption process after the 1st May 2009 that satisfactory arrangements would be made to facilitate them completing Vietnamese adoptions, now they are to left in limbo. But, Minister Andrews has had ample time to try and find a resolution to this matter as the previous Agreement commenced five years earlier.”

“Several of the families have told me that last week’s decision was the last straw and that it will probably mean now that many of them will never have a chance to have their own child. Various studies report that it costs a minimum of $11,000 to arrange an adoption in Vietnam, so families do not make this decision lightly.”

“As a result of last week’s decision, many of those now left in limbo, and they could be facing further anguish, the prospect that their Declarations of Suitability and Eligibility expiring and they will have to apply to the Adoption Boards for extensions and, in some cases, to the HSE for updated assessments.”
“The Government’s handling of this matter has been totally incompetent, adding further distress and upset for these families, who sadly, are now going to pay the price for this incompetence.”