Government needs to show leadership as unemployment figures continue to soar – BREEN.

December 10th, 2008 - Pat Breen

Fine Gael’s Deputy Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Clare T.D. Pat Breen commenting on the release of the latest CSO figures for November showing an 8% increase in the number of people signing on in County Clare has accused the Government of showing no real leadership and failing to chart a path out of this economic crisis.

“In the last month alone in County Clare an additional 516 people have signed on; 6944 are now registered as unemployed compared to the previous months 6428. Over the past 12 months the live register figures in Clare have risen by 57.6%, up from 4406 in November 2007. Extremely worrying is the fact that the number of those signing on under the age of 25 has grown by 74.9% over the past twelve months. Many of these young people are being driven to emigrate to Australia and elsewhere as this crisis deepens. Between 2002 and 2006 this County had a growth rate of 7.28 per cent and during those years various programmes were put in place to assist areas throughout the county in attempting to redress years of rural depopulation This repopulation trend in our rural areas will now be effectively abandoned.”

“Last week’s announcement of 150 job losses at Element Six a Flagship Industry in Shannon Industrial Estate is another devastating blow for the Region and particularly for the workers and their families as Christmas approaches. The Managers in this Company previously warned about the axing of the Shannon-Heathrow Route and its potential impact on this Region. There is little doubt now that the absence of this service is a serious disadvantage to this Region’s competitiveness.”

“This Government has no strategy to deal with the huge increases in joblessness, they have shown no leadership, they have no ideas and they are failing to chart a path out of this current crisis.”

“Fine Gael on the other hand has a plan. Many small businesses are now struggling and will go to wall if urgent action is not taken. We have set out a new tax incentive for business to help tackle the problem. We are proposing to waive PRSI payments in 2009 for companies taking on new employees. The Recapitalisation of the Irish Banking System is required also in order to get credit moving in the Irish economy.”



Ordinary men and women throughout the length and breadth of this country are very worried at a time when we need a leader to lead this country out of the recession and not into a depression. People need reassurances. That is very important to them. Sadly, it appears the people of this County and this Country will have to continue to battle their way through the crisis without any leadership from this Government.”