IDA delivers just one Clare industry in five years – BREEN

April 30th, 2010 - Pat Breen

Latest figures released today by Fine Gael’s Deputy Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Clare T.D. Pat Breen reveal that the majority of Foreign Direct Investment Greenfield projects assisted by the IDA which have been set up here over the past five years are located in Dublin; with only project located in County Clare.

Deputy Breen secured the figures by way of a recent parliamentary question to the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Batt O’Keeffe T.D. These figures reveal that in the 5-year period from 2005 to 2009, there were 42 announcements of Greenfield investments by IDA supported companies in Ireland, with the potential to create over 4000 jobs. 26 of those projects are located in Dublin. Only one project was announced for County Clare, on the 5th February 2008, an announcement of 250 jobs was made at Zimmer Medical Technologies in Shannon. In total only three projects during this 5-year period were announced for the Mid-West Region, in 2008, Channel Advisor announced the creation of 15 jobs in the Limerick Business Development Centre, while DTS announced 50 jobs in their Limerick Headquarters in the same year.”


Speaking today following the release of these figures Deputy Breen said that “the lack of IDA job creation projects announced over the past five years is a sad indictment of this Governments failure to prioritise this region for job creation in spite of all the warnings they have received.”


“The Live Register figures at the end of March 2010, show that on an annual basis, the number of people on the Live Register has risen by almost 18%, with the Mid West Region (Limerick, Clare and North Tipperary) incurring the biggest increase at more than 20%. The unemployment rate here in the Mid-West Region is well above the national average.”


“In the middle of last year, Denis Brosnan’s Mid-West Jobs Taskforce completed their work on their interim report and they put forward several recommendations which included the call on the IDA to prioritise this Region for FDI projects, yet no action has been taken to progress these recommendations in the interim.”



“Earlier, this year, the IDA outlined ambitious targets for delivering Foreign Direct Investment in their “Horizon 2020″ plan, which included a commitment to refocus their efforts on balanced Regional Development by committing 50% of investments to areas outside of Dublin and Cork. I want to see the IDA deliver on this commitment now and I also want to see County Clare prioritised as a location for FDI investment. County Clare has several major attributes as a location for FDI, we have an international Airport on our doorstep and the availability of US Pre Clearance facilities also makes it an ideal location for multinationals to set up their Head Offices here.”


“Attracting foreign direct investments are pivotal to the recovery of this Region, the Mid West Regional Authority warned recently when they published a new brochure, outlining the benefits that this Region has to offer such multinationals.”




“The Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Batt O’Keeffe must act now and designate County Clare and the Mid-West Region the No 1 priority for foreign direct investment, otherwise, this County and this Region will continue to play second fiddle to Dublin and the East Coast”