Latest Unemployment Figures – Yes to Lisbon now more important than ever – BREEN.

September 16th, 2009 - Pat Breen

Commenting on the latest CSO Live Register Figures which show a 69.2% increase in the number of people registered as unemployed in this County over the past 12 months, Fine Gael’s Deputy Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Clare T.D. Pat Breen said that a Yes Vote In the forthcoming referendum on Lisbon on the 2nd October next is now more important than ever and he is urging the people of Clare to make sure that they are registered to vote on the day.
“The number of people signing on the Live Register here in Clare over the past 12 months has grown from 6283 in August 2008 to 10628 in August 2009 an increase of 69.2%. When you analyse the figures over a two year period the situation is very stark. There has been an increase of 137.3% in the number of people signing on in the past two years. What is particularly worrying is that there has been a 167.7% increase in the number of U.25’s signing on over those two years.”
“The current government’s policies have contributed to a situation where the affects of this global recession is impacting here in Ireland to a far greater extent than in any other European Country and here in Clare jobs have been haemorrhaging from this County on a large scale and to date the Government has taken very little action to address this.”
“That is why a Yes Vote to Lisbon 2 is hugely important. Ireland’s position as a committed and respected member of the EU has opened up access to a single market of 500 million consumers. We now export 80% of our goods and services right across the EU and in the past 10 years alone, Irish companies have doubled their exports into the EU from €44 billion to €87 billion.”
“Ireland is the gateway for many companies to the EU. Here in the Mid-West 65 US Companies are operating here employing up to 11,000 people. If we are to continue to attract more US companies to operate from here because of our direct link to Europe then we must continue to be at the heart of Europe.”
“While there is huge anger out there at this Government’s incompetence in dealing with this current economic crisis we must put aside our anger at this time in the long-term interest of this Country and Vote Yes to Lisbon and keep Ireland at the heart of Europe.”
“I would encourage all eligible voters to make sure you are registered to vote before Tuesday 15th next. The outcome of the 2nd October referendum will be a defining moment for this Country and this County and everybody should make sure that they are registered and vote on the day.”