Level of farm payments made to date highlights Minister’s awareness of sector’s needs

November 9th, 2011 - Pat Breen

More than 5,610 Clare farmers in receipt of Single Farm Payment to date, with 5,669 receiving payment under the Disadvantaged Areas Scheme

Chairman of the Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs & Trade & Clare T.D. Pat Breen said (today) Tuesday that the level of farm payments paid out by the Minister for Agriculture to Clare farmers so far this year highlights his awareness of the needs of the farming community and the importance of ensuring that prompt payments are being made.

“So far payments worth €191.7 million have issued to date under the Disadvantaged Areas Scheme, representing over 85% of applicants. Where the Single Farm Payment is concerned, efforts made by the Minister on behalf of Clare and all Irish farmers, resulted in payments being made months earlier than scheduled under EU rules.

“More than 5,610 farmers have received payment under the Disadvantaged Area Scheme payment, which commenced just six weeks ago on 22nd September. This represents 91.09% of applicants who applied for the scheme in the Clare area. This scheme will see payments being made to approximately 100,000 farmers nationwide and with 85% of payments having already been made the Department is working with the remaining applicants to ensure that the appropriate documentation is submitted and that outstanding payments are made.

“Where the Single Farm Payment is concerned, information revealed to me shows that 5,669 out of 6,379 applicants to the scheme in the Clare area have already received payment. These payments are issuing six weeks ahead of the scheduled payment date laid down in EU regulations due to the case Minister Coveney made to the EU Commissioner earlier this year. By year end, the vast bulk of the SFP will have been paid, the total value of which will be in excess of €1.2bn.

“Payments such as these are an essential part of many farmers’ budgets. The Minister’s willingness to progress these schemes and ensure prompt, and even advance, payment shows that he is in touch with the needs of the farming community.

“Farm families have experienced much hardship in recent years, with many struggling to keep their heads above water. I appreciate Minister Coveney’s haste in dealing with farm payment schemes to date and look forward to the remaining payments being made in a timely manner so that farmers’ money worries can be alleviated and they can get on with doing what they do best.”


Clare DAS Payments
Applied Paid Clare 6,159 5,610 €13,436,952.24 91.09%

Clare SPF Payments
Clare 6,379 5,669 23,155,370.10