No room for Complacency – A Yes Vote is important for the future of the Irish Economy – BREEN

September 3rd, 2009 - Pat Breen

Fine Gael’s Deputy Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Clare T.D. Pat Breen has today called on the people of County Clare to renew their support for Europe by voting Yes to Lisbon again on the 2nd October next. Deputy Breen added that “the outcome of vote on the Lisbon Treaty referendum is hugely important in terms of Ireland’s future in Europe and the future of the Irish Economy. Deputy Breen said that “the people of Clare know and value the major contribution that the EU has made to Ireland’s economic and social development” and that the EU has made a real difference of people’s lives. Deputy also warned that “In the wake of Lisbon 1 that this Government must effectively communicate the details of the Treaty”, warning that “we do not want to see another series of ill-timed interventions”. He said that the latest poll findings show that there is no place for complacency.

“The outcome of the October vote on the Lisbon Treaty referendum will determine Ireland’s future in Europe and the future of the Irish economy as a whole.”

“Ireland, and Europe, has changed utterly since we went to the polls in June 2008. While the people of Clare are rightly angered at the manner in which this Government has mismanaged our economy; voting Yes to Lisbon is a vital step on the road to recovery. As a country and irrespective of the situation which this Government’s mismanagement has contributed to; we need the support of the EU to pull ourselves out of this recession. This referendum cannot and must not be used as a referendum on the Government’s failed policies. Our place in Europe is too important.”

“The people of Clare know and value the major contribution that the EU has made to Ireland’s economic and social development. Since 1973, Ireland has received some €58 billion in funding from Europe and in addition the European Investment Bank (EIB) has lent almost €10 billion to the Irish Economy during the same period. In Clare, for example, almost €400 million was invested in the national road network between 1997 and 2007, while since 1994, some €700 million in EU grants has been allocated to a wide variety of measures to support Ireland’s tourism industry.”

“Many of the reason’s why people voted no in the last referendum have now being addressed. Ireland will retain our EU Commissioner and the European Council has also agreed a set of legal guarantees and assurances for Ireland which were of concern to Irish voter, namely, the Lisbon Treaty does not affect or prejudice our traditional policy of military neutrality, nothing in the Lisbon affects in any way the provisions of the Irish Constitution relation to the protection of the right to life, family and education and we retain control over our taxation policy.”

“I will be out there campaigning for a Yes Vote and Fine Gael will be leaving no stone unturned in our efforts. The latest poll findings of a nationwide poll conducted among the age group 24-40 shows that while 36 per cent are likely to vote in favour of the Treaty with 23 per cent against, shows that there is still a sizeable number who remain undecided (37 per cent) and there is no place for complacency”.

“In the wake of Lisbon 1 I hope that this Government has learned their lessons. The details of the Treaty must be effectively communicated and I hope that this Campaign will not be marred by a series of ill-timed interventions which on the last occasion had a major impact on the outcome of the poll.”

“A yes vote to Lisbon is critical for our economic survival and we must aside political differences and campaign for a positive result here in Clare again.”