One Million Euro Investment for Playgrounds, Parks, Walkways and Carparks in South East Clare – Minister Pat Breen.

August 6th, 2016 - Pat Breen

A total of one million euro is to be invested in eight projects in south east Clare, with €500,000 being provided under the Limerick Hinterland Report, providing for playgrounds, walkways and carparks.

Making the announcement Minister for Employment and Small Businesses Pat Breen confirmed that over €2.3 million would be invested in 16 projects in counties Limerick, Clare and Tipperary by the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government.

“A further €2.3 million is to be invested by the relevant local authorities. In the case of Clare, this means the €500,000 approved by Clare County Council for projects in Westbury, Parteen, Meelick, Killaloe and Gilloge/Garraun will be matched by a half a million euro investment by the department,” the Clare minister explained.

“The Limerick Hinterland Report, which was published earlier this year, pointed to a pattern of population movement from Limerick city to neighbouring regions including parts of County Clare.

“In some of the settlements studied, the report found that the infrastructure and services for the population are only now growing to catch up with the new population requirements. Certain settlements which experienced high population growth for instance do not have basic amenities such as parks and playgrounds to serve the young population,” said Minister Breen.

“I am therefore delighted to have received confirmation from Minister Simon Covney that this funding is now in place to address these issues, and look forward to seeing the projects coming to fruition,” added the Fine Gael TD.


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Note to Editor:
The Limerick Hinterland Study was commissioned last year by Limerick City and County Council to examine the impact of Limerick Regeneration on its hinterland. The study examined the profile of twenty-two settlements within the Hinterland of Limerick City and explored the relationship between these settlements and the city on the basis of key socio-economic indicators. The analysis showed that the functional economic area of Limerick City extended into Limerick County, Clare and Tipperary and also concluded inter alia that there should be appropriate infrastructure in place to support those areas.

The report was completed earlier this year. The local authorities, including Clare County Council identified a number of projects on the basis that they serve to progress the recommendations of the Hinterland Report, and these projects are now to benefit from funding under the report.



Project Department Funding Approved LA Own Funding

Playground in Westbury/Parteen €92,500 €92,500

Playground/Footpath in Meelick €52,500 €52,500

Amenity Spaces, Westbury €42,500 €42,500

Shannon Green Infrastructure Plan €42,500 €42,500

Cycleways in Gilloge/Garraun €92,500 €92,500

Car Park in Killaloe €67,500 €67,500

Park development at Tobermurragh €67,500 €67,500

Walking Routes at Killaloe/Ogonelloe €42,500 €42,500

Total €500,000 €500,000


Project Department Funding Approved LA Own Funding

Development of Newport Town Park €325,000 €325,000

Total €325,000 €325,000


Project Department Funding Approved LA Own Funding

Great Southern Greenway €500,000 €500,000

Murroe Sports Facility €250,000 €250,000

Newcastle West Athletics Hub €226,000 €226,000

Kilmallock Pedestrian Bridge €123,500 €123,500

Patrickswell Village Renewal €125,000 €125,000

CCTV capital investment and maintenance €250,000 €250,000

Rathkeale Pre-social Cohesion Project €25,500 €25,500

Total €1,500,000 €1,500,000

Grand Total €2,325,000 €2,325,000