One of the Darkest Day’s for Job Losses in the Mid-West Region – BREEN.

January 9th, 2009 - Pat Breen

Fine Gael’s Deputy Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Clare T.D. Pat Breen has described the news that 1900 Jobs are to be lost at the Dell Facility in Limerick as one of the Darkest Day’s for Job Losses in the Mid-West Region.

“My sympathy is with the staff and their families as they try to come to terms with this devastating news. Entire families work in Dell, many of whom live and commute from Clare every day to the Limerick facility; workers who have given many years of dedication and hard work to the company. This is a huge tragedy for those workers and their families. Losing your job at any time is traumatic; but is particularly traumatic during a time of an economic recession”
“Dells importance to this Region cannot be understated with Dell estimated to underpin another four to five jobs in auxiliary services here in the Mid-West. Several hundred jobs are now under treat in Companies here in County Clare as a direct result of this decision and there will be knock-on affects for Shannon Airport.”
“I support calls for the setting up a Multi-Agency Task Force however this Agency must have real teeth and not just another Task force set up by Government to pay lip service to this Region. A co-ordinated Government/State Agencies support programme must also be made available to the workers immediately.”
“The loss of 1900 jobs at Dell to a cheaper overseas location shows the failure of this Government to address Ireland’s declining competitiveness. A 2008 IDA report on multinationals based in Ireland shows that 45 per cent of those Companies would not come here again; the survey cited the Cost environment and poor infrastructure as the main reasons.”
“Then today the latest CSO unemployment figures show that 331 people lost their job every day last year and the dole queues are growing by 10,000 every month.”

“Ireland has become one of the highest priced countries in the Eurozone and Irish inflation has been higher that the EU average for the last six years. The cost of insurance, energy, telecommunications, and logistics are just some of the factors that have driven down competitiveness and the reality is that the Government has done nothing to address these issues.”



“We need to go back to basics and put the Mid-West Region back on the map as an attractive region to do business in. The fear is now that further manufacturing jobs could be lost to this Region.”
“The Government has already squandered valuable time. They need to wake up to the extent of the crisis. We can tackle this unemployment crisis; it will require creative thinking; innovation but most of all leadership which is sadly lacking from Government at present.”