Payments issue to Clare Suckler Farmers under the Beef Data Programme – BREEN

June 25th, 2014 - Pat Breen

Clare T.D. and Chairman of the Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade Pat Breen has welcomed the announcement that payments to Clare’s suckler cow farmers under the 2013 Beef Data programme have commenced.

“I am very pleased that payments have commenced. In Clare, the payments are being made to some 2141 herds, involving 37778 animals with the gross inclusive of genotyped totalling €730, 650.

Overall some €10 million has been provided from Single Farm Payment Scheme (SPS) unused funds for the Beef Data Programme (BDP) for animals born during 2013 and a similar level of funding from unused SPS funds is provided for animals born during 2014. This Programme assists farmers in improving the genetic quality of their livestock, while maintaining a flow of crucial data to Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF) that will generate advances in cattle breeding at national level. In addition, a further €23 million of National Exchequer funding has been provided for the Beef Genomics Scheme (BGS) 2014.

“The first six months of this year have been very challenging and these payments will be very welcome for the farmers involved. The suckler herd is hugely important for our Beef Industry with some 56% of the 140,000 farms in this Country involved in beef production. The Beef Data Programme in conjunction with the Beef Genomics Scheme increases the breeding data available and harnesses technology in a way that improves efficiency and ultimately profitability at farm level.”