People intending to Travel should apply ontime for Passports – BREEN.

August 23rd, 2010 - Pat Breen

With the backlog of passports applications now cleared, Fine Gael’s Deputy Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Clare T.D. Pat Breen has urged people to continue to apply on time for their passports. He has also reiterated his call for a passport satellite service to be set up in County Clare.

“I welcome the fact that the backlog has now being cleared at the Dublin Passport Office, in mid-June there were 68,014 people awaiting passports and in the height of the crisis a number of people were forced to cancel travel arrangements as it was taking up to five weeks to process those applications.”

“In spite of the fact that the backlog has now being cleared my advice to those people intending to travel is to apply on time whether they intend to travel or not when their passport is within six months of expiry. Travellers can also use the 10-day passport guarantee service again now that the back log is cleared but to avoid panic and sometimes disappointment if people have to travel abroad at short notice people should make sure that their passports are renewed in time particularly as a number of countries have a system in operation whereby you are not permitted to travel if your passport is within 6 months.”

“The backlog and resultant delays at the Dublin office pointed to the need for additional satellite services to be provided outside of Dublin and Cork and while the Minister for Foreign Affairs Michael Martin has indicated that such a service maybe provided in the North-West, he should also put in place such a service here in County Clare at Shannon International Airport. People often turn up at the Airport with queries and problems with their passports and having an information centre locally would be a big help to those travellers.”