Rural Areas to benefit from new roads initiative – BREEN

March 8th, 2013 - Pat Breen

Clare T.D. and Chairman of the Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs & Trade Pat Breen has today (Friday) welcomed the announcement by the Transport Minister Leo Varadkar TD that a new initiative to maintain rural roads by allowing local authorities to re-focus Government road funding on the upkeep and maintenance of the existing road network.
“In County Clare’s case this means that €1,842,123 in funding can be reallocated for works on our rural roads. We all know from driving on these roads that many of them need to be resurfaced. In the 2011 Census, 29,993 Clare people were identified as relying on car transport to travel to work and many of these people are travelling on our rural roads. Maintaining the surfaces on these roads is important and will benefit all the road users in these areas.
All roads are subject to wear and tear but the constant rain and frost has caused a lot of damage on a number of these roads in recent years and the decision which the Transport Minister has made today which permits local authorities like Clare County Council to reallocate this funding gives the Council the flexibility they need to tackle the roads which need urgent attention.
Funding has also been provided today to Clare County Council to conduct supplementary maintenance on our local and regional roads and €117,896 has been allocated to the Local Authority for this purpose. This funding will be spent on areas where there is excess surface water and where improved drainage would help to alleviate the situation.
What is happening today is that County Councils are now permitted to transfer up to 30% of their Restoration improvement monies to the Discretionary Grant heading for use on road and bridge maintenance and repairs. There is no longer a requirement that 90% of works in the Restoration Improvement category must be spent on road reconstruction which means that the Council can undertake more surface restoration work which is very good news for people using our rural roads.”
Details of Allocations Underneath for your information.

County Councils 2013 Drainage Grant
Clare € 117,896

2013 Restoration Improvement Grant allocations
County Councils Restoration Improvement Amount that can be reallocated
CLARE € 6,140,411 € 1,842,123