Task Force must be given the clout, teeth and resources to do the job. BREEN.

February 6th, 2009 - Pat Breen

Fine Gael’s Deputy Spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Clare T.D. Pat Breen has given a cautious welcome to today’s news that a Task Force is to be set up in the Mid-West and that Clare is to have three representatives included. Deputy Breen is warning that unless the Task Force is given the clout, teeth and resources to do the job it will end up as yet another talking shop.

“Finally, three weeks after the shock announcement of 1900 job losses at Dell; the Tanaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Mary Coughlan has announced the composition of the Jobs Task Force for the Mid-West.”
“This taskforce is to be led by the Former Kerry Group CEO Denis Brosnan and Clare is to be represented by Vincent Cunnane, CEO, Shannon Development, Brian O’Connell, Atlantic Way and Ken O’Sullivan, Element Six. All three Clare representatives are only too well aware of the problems that we have here in the Region and the challenges that lie ahead and all three bring a wealth of experience to the table.”
“Here in the Mid-West our experience of Task Forces does not inspire confidence. In 1993 when Shannon Airport’s Transatlantic Status was removed a task force was set up Government simply as PR stunt to soften the landing for themselves”.
“We in Fine Gael have our own proposals for this region and our Party Leader Edna Kenny will be here next week to announce our initiative.”
“If this task force is to succeed, it must have the clout, teeth and resources to do the job. Otherwise we will just end up with another talking shop.”