Time to get ready for winter – BREEN

November 9th, 2011 - Pat Breen

Campaign on how to prepare for severe weather launched

Chairman of the Oireachtas Committee on Foreign Affairs & Trade & Clare T.D. Pat Breen has urged people across County Clare to make sure they are ready for any severe weather that may lie ahead in the coming months. Deputy Breen was speaking today (Wednesday) as the Government launched its Winter Ready Campaign.

“Last year the country was ground to a veritable halt due to heavy snowfall and severe icy conditions. The cold snap had a significant impact on people’s lives, and on the economy. While we can’t prevent these severe weather events, we can do our out utmost to make sure we’re all as prepared as possible.

“A number of lessons must be learned from last year. For that reason the Government Task Force on Emergency Planning has launched a Winter-Ready Information Campaign to give the public advice on how to prepare for the coming winter.

“Practical advice can be found on the new website www.winterready.ie. We are trying to ensure that the public know where to find advice if they need it, and to reassure them that arrangements are being put by the Government to ensure a coordinated response